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Award winning performance company, Curious Seed, was formed in 2005 by Scottish choreographer and Artistic Director,

Christine Devaney.



"A joy to watch" The Herald 


Curious Seed's vision is to create engaging, thought provoking, uncompromising performance work with physical expression at its heart. 


Originally created by Christine Devaney and Leandro Kees (Performing Group) 


"... full of a rich sense of the joy of human difference, and of the pulsing, male-female energy of life itself."

The Scotsman. ****


Chalk About at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014! 


 "There is a sophisticated, caringly-detailed process underpinning this generous-hearted show. Like the hidden depths in everyone, it's what makes us love it without analysing why, until afterwards." 


The Herald. ****